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Orange County, Texas Hurricane and Wind Damage Claims Lawyer

Orange County, Texas Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorney

As much as Orange’s city residents love where they live, they recognize that there are dangers that one must learn to live with and prepare for, including the life-changing potential that hurricanes bring to the southeast Texas coast.

Born and raised in Orange, attorney Jim Sharon Bearden knows what it means to face the damage a hurricane can leave behind. He has witnessed and experienced firsthand and through his friends’ experiences the hardship of recovering from severe property damage. In fact, his own home was affected after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017. At The Bearden Law Firm, he has helped friends, loved ones and clients through their insurance claim processes and lawsuits, and he is prepared to help you.

How The Firm Can Help You With Your Insurance Claim

Hurricane Harvey also brought law HB 1774, which aims to eliminate frivolous or bad-faith insurance lawsuits. Therefore, if you believe you have grounds to file a lawsuit, you need solid arguments. The advice and guidance of an experienced lawyer can help you make your case strong.

If you have compassionate and dedicated legal advice from the start, you may increase your chance of a streamlined insurance process. Mr. Bearden has helped his clients file their insurance claims and monitor the process. This allows them to execute early actions that can help remove any barrier to continuing their insurance claim.

Whether you require the early intervention of a lawyer or help with filing a lawsuit, you can discuss your case at The Bearden Law Firm. As you prepare for your initial consultation with Mr. Bearden, consider the following:

  • Time is everything. Document as early as possible all the damage to your property.
  • Take pictures of the damage to your property with adequate lighting and from all possible angles.
  • Evidence will prevent insurance agents and adjusters from rejecting your claim in bad faith.

Mr. Bearden’s clients have recognized his commitment to their welfare. He will make every reasonable effort to obtain the settlement you need to rebuild your life and property.

Call A Lawyer Who Understands Your Situation

Discuss your case with a lawyer who has helped friends and clients from a legal standpoint after the devastating consequences of hurricanes. Call 409-883-4501 to schedule a free consultation or leave your contact information in this online intake form.

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