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At The Bearden Law Firm, attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. handles virtually every type of case. In addition, he has an unmatched record for wins in Orange County, Texas.

Mr. Bearden has a unique practice of law developed through 22 years of legal experience, time during which he has dedicated himself to serving his clients in a wide range of cases, including: Felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, DUI and DWI, personal injury and accidents, drug possession charges, divorce, child custody, 18-wheeler crashes, wrongful death, adoptions and probates (just to mention a few). This experience in such a wide range of cases has allowed Mr. Bearden to foresee legal issues that cross over multiple areas of the law – allowing him to be better equipped to win your case.

Personalized And Compassionate Legal Guidance

Mr. Bearden is dedicated to developing clients into informed decision-makers. He puts you in control, first by listening and then by working with you to design unique litigation strategies aiming at obtaining results and protecting the clients’ best interests.

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Discuss your case with an experienced and caring lawyer. Your legal matter cannot wait. You may risk losing your chance to protect your rights. Call 409-883-4501 to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Bearden or share your information via our secure online form.

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