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Family law encompasses an extensive array of regulations influencing the family structure, necessitating legal proficiency and the right lawyer’s demeanor. Finding suitable representation is crucial if your case requires a tenacious advocate or a compassionate confidant sensitive to family matters.

With its versatile approach, The Bearden Law Firm provides guidance and representation in various family law areas, including divorce, child custody disputes, property division, and adoption cases, as well as handling complex cases like gray divorces and high net worth divorces in Orange, Texas. Trust our team to navigate your legal journey with wisdom and sensitivity.


Navigating divorce in Texas can be complex. At The Bearden Law Firm, we help clients understand the intricacies of divorce negotiations and agreements, property division, and spousal support.

Our team has extensive experience in family law that extends to ensuring the best interest of your children through child custody, support, visitation rights, and paternity testing, when called for.

Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr., with his extensive experience in Texas family law, is dedicated to guiding you through this challenging transition and helping you build a hopeful future.

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Child Custody

At The Bearden Law Firm, we understand the emotional challenges of child custody disputes.

Jim Sharon Bearden Jr., a seasoned family law attorney, is dedicated to guiding Orange, Texas, families through these difficult times with compassion and open communications. Our firm is committed to safeguarding your child’s best interests, while focusing on amicable solutions that protect their well-being. If your divorce proceedings become less amicable, Jim Sharon has the grit, legal knowledge, and local court experience to fight for your rights and protect your future.

Child custody issues can be complex and overwhelming. Let our vast experience in Texas family law provide the guidance you need. Trust the Bearden Law Firm – we’ll stand by your side, providing legal excellence every step of the way.

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Property Division

At The Bearden Law Firm, Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. skillfully navigates the complexities of property division in Texas. Balancing intricate state laws and unique family dynamics, he delivers informed, personalized counsel for clients facing divorce.

Equitable distribution doesn’t always mean equal in Texas; understanding this subtle distinction is paramount to achieving a fair division. Our focus is to protect your financial interests, ensuring your future stability. When your life’s assets are at stake, trust the deep-rooted expertise of The Bearden Law Firm to lead the way. Secure your tomorrow with us today.

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The Bearden Law Firm is dedicated to assisting Texas families as they traverse the intricate adoption path. With deep understanding and compassion, Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. provides legal guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Whether domestic, international, or stepparent adoption, trust us to make this joyous transition smooth and legally secure.

Our firm has been instrumental in navigating prospective parents through the complex Texas adoption laws for over seven decades, making their dream of parenthood a cherished reality. Orange, Texas families trust The Bearden Law Firm to transform lives, one adoption at a time.

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Gray Divorce in Orange, Texas

If you’re over 50 and contemplating divorce in Orange, Texas, Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. at The Bearden Law Firm is ready to navigate the complexities of a gray divorce.

We’ve got you covered from the division of 401(k) accounts, pension funds, and marital assets like homes and vehicles to considerations about spousal maintenance, trusts, estate plans, and investment property.

The repercussions on Social Security benefits, healthcare, and potential financial obligations to adult children also factor in. It’s also not uncommon for family-owned businesses to become a contentious issue.

With The Bearden Law Firm’s comprehensive and compassionate guidance, you can face the future with confidence and peace of mind.

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High Net Worth Divorce in Orange, Texas

Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. is a leading expert in handling high-net-worth divorces at The Bearden Law Firm. He understands the intricacies of asset division and is adept at navigating Texas’ community property laws.

With an acute eye for detail and an experienced team of financial professionals, Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. ensures all assets are adequately identified, valued, and divided. From pre- and post-marital agreements to complex property and trust division, he offers comprehensive legal solutions for your high-stakes divorce. Trust Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. to advocate for your equitable and fair asset allocation.

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Trust The Bearden Law Firm for Comprehensive Family Law Solutions in Orange, Texas

Don’t overlook the importance of local experience in resolving Texas family law issues. Local knowledge of courts, judges, and fellow attorneys is crucial, and opting for a large or out of town firm can often result in less personal attention and oversight from inexperienced associates.

Choose Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. for personalized, effective legal representation in Orange, Texas. A Nationally Ranked Top Ten Attorney, Mr. Bearden combines 23 years of legal experience with deep-rooted local insights. Currently serving as the Judge of the Municipal Court of Orange and a father of five, Bearden truly understands the intricacies of the system and the profound impact of family law issues.

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