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Past mistakes can change the opportunities and lifestyle of an individual. However, not all people are aware of the real impact a criminal record can have on their lives and its negative impact on other future legal procedures: from losing job offers and college scholarships to being denied a professional license and more. Also, there is unfortunately a significant stigma attached to having a criminal record, even when charges were minor or were due to a mistake made by authorities.

An individual may qualify for expunction and nondisclosure to clear their criminal record with the guidance of a knowledgeable lawyer. Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. understands expungement law from his work as both a criminal defense lawyer and a municipal judge. He is deeply committed to his Orange, Texas, community and will make every conscious effort to help each member of it at The Bearden Law Firm.

Are You Eligible?

Although this procedure is the solution to restore one’s reputation, not all individuals with a criminal record are candidates. After listening to your case, Mr. Bearden will provide an honest evaluation of your case and confirm whether you can apply for this process.

In order to be a candidate for expunction and nondisclosure in Texas, these are some of the criteria you will need meet:

  • You were a victim of wrongful arrest.
  • An arrest did not lead to conviction or charges.
  • Your charges were dismissed.
  • You were never on probation.

The Texas government added a new type of expungement related to charges due to Unlawful Carrying of Weapons (UCW), applicable from Sept.1, 2019 onwards. This is among the specific types of conviction that might be cleared from an individual’s record, which include individuals under 21 years of age. If you require more information about this addition to the law, Mr. Bearden will be happy to help.

The expungement and nondisclosure process is complex. Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. This is a second chance in life that is worth attempting.

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