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Any criminal charge faced can have a negative impact on an individual’s future. DUI/DWI charges are no exception. If you or a loved one is facing DUI or DWI charges, get a lawyer immediately. Although your charges might seem minor, the consequences can be severe. Your criminal record plays a significant role when it comes to job opportunities or other legal procedures such as divorce. Do not risk your future and get the legal support you deserve.

Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden – who is currently the president of the Orange County, Texas Bar Association – has 22 years of experience providing reliable, individualized and honest legal counsel at The Bearden Law Firm in Orange, Texas. In addition, Mr. Bearden’s dedication has been recognized by his local clients. He understands the impact and reach criminal records can have on an individual’s life, and he will fight to defend your rights.

Forthright Legal Advice To Protect Your Rights And Future Opportunities

A DUI/DWI offense is serious, even for a first-time occurrence. As in every case, evidence is everything. It is the key to increasing or decreasing charges. When you discuss your issue with Mr. Bearden, he will review all the facts and circumstances of your case. Based on such information, he will develop a strategy to protect you.

Mr. Bearden’s job consists of convincing a jury that the evidence against you is flawed. There are many angles to build your defense. For example:

  • A police officer might have forced an individual to declare themselves guilty of driving under the influence
  • The breathalyzer might not have been appropriately used and produced a false BAC reading
  • Your defense lawyer can challenge other chemical tests such as blood or urine tests in terms or proper execution and handling of samples
  • Field sobriety tests can also be questioned on the grounds that interpretation depends on a police officer’s subjective opinion

The circumstances of every DUI/DWI case are unique. Call The Bearden Law Firm to discuss your case. Mr. Bearden will zealously fight to defend your rights and your welfare. If required, he will seek suitable treatment to help you overcome your present issues. You have an ally who will fight to make sure there is hope for a brighter future.

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