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Every day, people drive to and from work, drive their kids to school and ball practice, and drive around town on errands. How often do you see people driving and texting? Over the last decade, automobile wrecks due to distracted drivers have significantly increased. Unfortunately, these accidents result in real injuries, property damage, medical bills, and loss of income. Not only has The Bearden Law Firm handled these cases for decades, its founder has his own experience being involved in an auto accident. Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden, Jr., was personally involved in an 18-wheeler wreck and knows what it’s like to be injured in an accident, incur the medical bills, and lose wages because you are unable to work from injuries. Jim Sharon has made it his mission to specialize in automobile accidents caused by reckless drivers.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact The Bearden Law Firm. Mr. Bearden represents injured accident victims. He’ll fight for maximum compensation for the damages you have suffered. He is aggressive and has a proven track record in obtaining great results for his clients. He offers a free consultation and case evaluation. The Bearden Law Firm handles car wreck cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning there you do not have to pay any upfront money. If the firm fails to win your case, you pay nothing. When attorney Bearden does win or settle your case, the firm is paid only from a portion of the recovery or settlement, and nothing from the client’s own pocket. You will never write the firm a check.

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