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A look at substance abuse levels throughout the U.S.

Substance abuse touches many people across the United States. A drug conviction not only negatively impacts the person convicted of a crime, it also can harm family members and friends.

What are the penalties for violating a protective order?

In Texas, charges of family violence or claims of threatening, harassing behavior can result in a protective order that limits an individual’s actions. Also called restraining orders, protective orders generally

Disturbing data on deadly large truck collisions

A large truck accident could shatter your life, whether you suffer a serious injury firsthand or you lose someone you love in a crash. Sadly, far too many of these

How DWI conviction affects employment

If a person has a DWI conviction on his or her record, can it prevent him or her from getting a job? If a person gets a conviction in the

Marijuana bust at border spotlights trafficking charges

While each state contends with its own marijuana policy, Texas has the United States’ southern border to consider. While medical marijuana is available in limited circumstances, recreational use is still

Should you invoke your Miranda rights?

Most people have heard of Miranda rights due to shows or movies related to police. This is, after all, the famous “right to remain silent.” But what do you really

Why are drowsy truckers deadly?

Drowsy driving is a major problem that plagues roadway safety and gets many drivers into critical or even deadly crashes every year. When it comes to truck drivers, these numbers

How can truck drivers prevent accidents?

The goal of driving any vehicle is to make sure you keep the “rubber side down,” that is, keep the wheels on the road. This is extremely important for drivers

Understanding verbal abuse in a relationship

Texas law holds provisions against the verbal and emotional abuse of spouses or adult partners. Some individuals might have questions about what constitutes this practice and where the line exists

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