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Anger management may improve your quality of life

Facing a domestic violence charge can damage your reputation amongst friends, family and community members. As you prepare for your case, you may want to analyze the incident that led

Understanding verbal abuse in a relationship

Texas law holds provisions against the verbal and emotional abuse of spouses or adult partners. Some individuals might have questions about what constitutes this practice and where the line exists

How credible is eyewitness testimony?

Having a Texas criminal charge pending against you may have you feeling anxious already. You may feel even more uneasy if you learn there is an eyewitness planning to identify

How anger management could help your assault case

If you struggle to manage your anger, your anger could leave you with an assault charge. According to the American Psychological Association, anger can be unpredictable and powerful enough to leave people

Why has Texas reduced death penalty cases?

Texas used to lead the country in the number of death penalty cases it closed every year, but things have changed in recent years. Texas Monthly explains that Texas has

What do you know about verbal and emotional abuse?

After getting into a heated argument with your girlfriend, you learned she charged you with domestic violence. Because you never raised a hand against her, you feel confused about where

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