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A look at substance abuse levels throughout the U.S.

Substance abuse touches many people across the United States. A drug conviction not only negatively impacts the person convicted of a crime, it also can harm family members and friends.

Marijuana bust at border spotlights trafficking charges

While each state contends with its own marijuana policy, Texas has the United States’ southern border to consider. While medical marijuana is available in limited circumstances, recreational use is still

Potential causes of drug test false positives

There are many situations in which you may have to provide a sample of urine, saliva or hair for drug testing. The results can affect your eligibility for a job

Drug-related offenses and your driving privileges

If charged with a drug-related offense, you could face a wide range of consequences, such as the possibility of years behind bars, a steep fine and a shattered reputation, depending

Examples of drug paraphernalia in Texas

If you are currently facing drug paraphernalia charges, or you worry about the possibility of these allegations arising in the future, it is critical to understand various legal issues related

What should you know about constructive possession?

If you face drug charges of any kind, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the constructive possession doctrine. It could mean the difference between conviction and dismissal of

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