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How do you avoid a DUI stop?

DUI stops, otherwise known as sobriety stops or DUI checkpoints, provide a roadblock in a very literal sense to drivers on the road. There are plenty of valid reasons to

How might open container laws impact you?

Open container laws seek to keep people from drinking and driving. They prohibit the presence of open alcohol containers within the passenger area of a vehicle. The Texas open container law states

What are the penalties for violating a protective order?

In Texas, charges of family violence or claims of threatening, harassing behavior can result in a protective order that limits an individual’s actions. Also called restraining orders, protective orders generally

How DWI conviction affects employment

If a person has a DWI conviction on his or her record, can it prevent him or her from getting a job? If a person gets a conviction in the

Is jail time mandatory after a Texas DWI?

During a Texas traffic stop, the law enforcement officer who stops you may ask you to submit to a breath test if there is a suspicion you might have been

Effects of higher blood alcohol concentrations

Blood alcohol concentration is the ratio of alcohol in your bloodstream to the amount of blood in your body. A small percentage of alcohol can have a significant effect on

Can you get expelled for a DWI?

As a student, you may have a lot on the line when facing the possibility of a DWI-related conviction. Even if it is your first-time offense or the first time

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