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Truck collisions and mental health

If you suffered an injury in a truck crash, you could have various physical hardships to work through. From broken bones to head trauma, lacerations and pain, the physical impact

Why does Texas have so many 18-wheeler accidents?

Texas records more large truck crashes than any other state. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to rise. Various factors contribute to the high risk of 18-wheeler accidents in Texas. Heavy transportation routes

Disturbing data on deadly large truck collisions

A large truck accident could shatter your life, whether you suffer a serious injury firsthand or you lose someone you love in a crash. Sadly, far too many of these

Why are drowsy truckers deadly?

Drowsy driving is a major problem that plagues roadway safety and gets many drivers into critical or even deadly crashes every year. When it comes to truck drivers, these numbers

How can truck drivers prevent accidents?

The goal of driving any vehicle is to make sure you keep the “rubber side down,” that is, keep the wheels on the road. This is extremely important for drivers

Large truck crash injury trends

If you become involved in a large truck collision, you could suffer serious consequences. Not only do these accidents often cause devastating injuries due to the sheer size of large

An overview of truck driver fatigue

Large truck collisions occur for various reasons, but you should understand the dangers associated with truck driver fatigue. Across the country, many large truck drivers become drowsy, and this can

How can road rage influence 18-wheeler accidents?

As you share the road with 18-wheeler trucks, you may begin to notice some worrisome signs of erratic driving. Road rage, an intense feeling that compels people to pursue and

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