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Facing a domestic violence charge in Texas

Being charged with domestic violence can have severe consequences on multiple aspects of your life, including your employment.

In Texas, individuals facing these charges may experience various challenges in their professional lives. The impact of a domestic violence charge on employment can be significant, affecting not only your current position but also your future career opportunities.

Employment challenges faced by individuals with domestic violence charges

When you have a domestic violence charge on your record, it can lead to several difficulties in your professional life. Potential employers may be hesitant to hire someone with a criminal history, especially if the charge relates to violent behavior. Background checks are standard practice for many companies, and a domestic violence charge could disqualify you from job opportunities in certain industries.

Some professions, such as those involving work with vulnerable populations like children and the elderly, may be particularly difficult to pursue with a domestic violence charge on your record. Furthermore, if your job requires professional licensing or certification, the licensing board may deny or revoke your credentials due to the charge. Consequently, your career options may become significantly limited.

Maintaining your current employment after a domestic violence charge

If you are currently employed and facing a domestic violence charge, it is important to understand how this may impact your present position. Some employers have strict policies regarding criminal charges and may terminate your employment upon learning of the allegations. The negative publicity surrounding a domestic violence case could also cause damage to the company’s reputation, leading to possible job loss.

A domestic violence charge in Texas can have significant consequences on your employment. Understanding the potential impact of a domestic violence charge on your professional life is essential to navigating the challenges that may arise.


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