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How do you avoid a DUI stop?

DUI stops, otherwise known as sobriety stops or DUI checkpoints, provide a roadblock in a very literal sense to drivers on the road.

There are plenty of valid reasons to want to avoid a DUI stop outside of DUI, however. For those people, how can they avoid the DUI stop?

Know where they are

LifeSafer discusses DUI stops and how to avoid them. First, it helps to know where police tend to set them up. They will usually set up a DUI stop on a highway or freeway as opposed to smaller, more residential streets. They also typically target areas with high rates of drunk driving, so places with a thriving nightlife and plenty of bars are often hit.

Obey the rules of the road

Next: understand that officers can still pull you over if you violate the rules of the road while attempting to avoid a DUI stop. This means that if you see a DUI stop and drive over double solid lines or make an illegal U-turn, the officers at the stop can pull you over for that instead.

But beyond simply obeying the typical rules of the road, you are not beholden to passing through a DUI checkpoint. You can take a detour, and in many states, police actually need to provide you with one.

Even in the states without a readily provided detour, it is possible to make your own as long as you abide by the laws of the road. This means no illegal turns, no speeding, no aggressive driving and no reckless actions.


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