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Why does Texas have so many 18-wheeler accidents?

Texas records more large truck crashes than any other state. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to rise.

Various factors contribute to the high risk of 18-wheeler accidents in Texas.

Heavy transportation routes

Trucking supports over one million Texas jobs and generates billions in income. Texas is home to nearly 200,000 truck drivers who travel the many highways that cross the state and deliver goods locally and throughout the nation.

With its central location in the South, numerous truckers from other states pass through Texas, heading east to west and vice versa. With so many 18-wheelers on the road and a sizable population, more accidents are bound to occur, especially at elevated highway speeds.

Airline hubs and sea ports

Texas is also a location where many international shipments arrive. Goods land here by air and sea before moving to their final destination. The last leg of the journey usually involves trucks, which adds to the chances of roadway accidents.

The oil and gas business

People the world over know Texas for its rich stores of oil. The state produces 1.7 billion barrels annually, and refineries and wells populate the area. Fittingly, many of the world’s largest oil and gas companies center their operations in the Lone Star State.

Tractor-trailers do the heavy load of transporting these products. Companies constantly need drivers, and some businesses may neglect their due diligence in hiring, training and testing truckers. Such negligence can lead to terrible collisions by drivers who should not be on the road.

The heavy presence of 18-wheelers in Texas can create additional driving risks. Motorists should be aware of these circumstances to navigate the roads safely.


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