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Anger management may improve your quality of life

Facing a domestic violence charge can damage your reputation amongst friends, family and community members. As you prepare for your case, you may want to analyze the incident that led to the charge. While anger is an automatic and normal emotion, if you feel you cannot control it, you may need help from anger management.

Taking accountability for your anger could help your case and help repair your reputation.

What is too much anger?

Any time anger makes you feel out of control of your actions, you have too much of it. If you act out of character or become too physical, you may have a problem with anger. Some people naturally become angrier than others. While some people have a high tolerance for frustration, others do not have it. They may become angry at an annoyance or inconvenience.

Too much anger can occur due to genetics, mental health and environment. People with a chaotic background or who did not learn emotional communication may have a higher likelihood of struggling with anger.

What does anger management accomplish?

Fortunately, there are ways people can learn to control their anger. Anger management teaches you how to cope with your feelings and stop yourself from being in a physical altercation when angry. Anger management may teach you breathing techniques, communication skills and cognitive restructuring. When angry, you do not typically think rationally. Cognitive restructuring teaches you to replace negative thoughts with more rational and calm thoughts.

Anger management can teach you to communicate better with those you love, even when angry.


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