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Marijuana bust at border spotlights trafficking charges

While each state contends with its own marijuana policy, Texas has the United States’ southern border to consider. While medical marijuana is available in limited circumstances, recreational use is still illegal. Drug trafficking carries even more severe penalties with mandatory minimum sentences.

A recent bust at the border, as reported on by Fox News, resulted in over 450 pounds of marijuana seized. The report highlights just how devastating allegations of that scale affect those arrested on those charges.

Operation Lone Star’s efforts

Texas has a task force that deals with illegal immigration and crime at the border. It has since confiscated a variety of drugs alongside issuing allegations against those the task force catches.

Recently, officials of the Department of Public Safety, the Border Patrol, and the Game Wardens intercepted a group of alleged smugglers bringing 463 pounds of marijuana on a raft.

The report mentions that the smugglers fled back to the Mexican side of the border. It does not clarify whether Operation Lone Star apprehended them.

Marijuana trafficking charges in Texas

Texas punishes drug crimes severely. Even though neighboring states like New Mexico have since legalized it, it is important to know the consequences of marijuana possession and trafficking.

Anyone facing trafficking charges for the above amount risks a potential felony sentence of five years minimum in prison with fines up to $10,000.

These fines and prison time devastate peoples’ futures. Even the process of defending against these charges may disrupt lives. When navigating the stressful and overwhelming reality of drug possession charges, it is important to understand options for defense.


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