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How does one DWI change the course of someone’s life?

Getting a DWI on record may not feel like a big deal to some people at first. These people have a false sense of security in the fact that it is a first-time DWI.

But even one single DWI could potentially alter the course of someone’s life. This is important to understand in order to face the charge as seriously as possible.

Changes to schooling

The College Investor discusses the impact of a DWI on college education. Though it is rare for a college to expel someone solely due to a DWI conviction, they will often take punitive measures against the student regardless. This often takes the form of financial punishment, such as revoking a financial award or gift, or refusing to allow a student to use on-campus housing.

Career barriers

It can even affect a person’s career. Many job fields do not hire people with DWI related crimes on record. This includes government positions and jobs that involve children, like teaching or daycare services. Any job requiring a commercial driver’s license is off the table. Most jobs requiring driving while on the clock, even if it does not need a CDL, are also off limits.

Housing issues

On top of that, it may change how a person looks for housing. It is possible for a landlord to pass over a person without checking what their crime is, simply seeing that they have one on record and opting for an applicant without one.

Due to the societal barriers, career hurdles and potential impact on schooling, it is quite important to treat a DWI charge as a serious matter from the start.


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