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How can truck drivers prevent accidents?

The goal of driving any vehicle is to make sure you keep the “rubber side down,” that is, keep the wheels on the road. This is extremely important for drivers of 18-wheelers, given how much more dire accidents involving them are.

It is false to say that all accidents involving 18-wheelers is the truck driver’s fault. However, truck drivers can prevent many accidents. According to Smart Trucking, monitoring speed and using a variety of methods to be sure of your destination can prevent many accidents.

Speed: A leading cause of accidents

It should come as no surprise that moving too quickly can cause a lot of pain, as this is also true in other vehicles. If you are new to driving a truck, moving slowly and methodically is key.

This tip does not just apply to driving on roads. It also applies to moving around delivery depots and truck stops.

Understanding your destination

Particularly for newer drivers, driving around an unfamiliar location is stressful. The good news is that the more experience you get under your belt, the more places you will be familiar with. However, prior to getting this amount of experience, you should go above and beyond with your trip planning.

This includes not only plugging in directions to your GPS, but also making sure you have a paper road map on hand. GPS systems are not always correct. You should also call your customer and get directions from them, as well. This way, you can compare what the GPS is telling you against the map and against an experienced local’s directions.

Given that 18-wheelers can cause so much damage, accident prevention is key. Taking your time and knowing your destination can help reduce accidents dramatically.


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