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Large truck crash injury trends

If you become involved in a large truck collision, you could suffer serious consequences. Not only do these accidents often cause devastating injuries due to the sheer size of large trucks, but the likelihood of you sustaining a significant injury is also higher because of the increased amount of time it takes for large truck drivers to come to a stop.

Sadly, large truck collisions claim many lives every year, and even more victims suffer major injuries. Data shows that these accidents have become more common in recent years.

Statistics on the prevalence of truck crash injuries

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that the number of large truck injury accidents increased significantly between 2009 and 2019. During this ten-year period, accidents went up by 47%. In 2009, 60,000 injury accidents involving buses and large trucks took place. In comparison, 127,000 such accidents were reported in 2019.

To look at this data differently, roughly 29% of the 510,000 large truck accidents reported to law enforcement in 2019 resulted in injuries (114,000 accidents).

Recovering from a large truck crash injury

If you suffered a serious injury in a truck collision, you need to take advantage of any resources that could help you piece your life back together. Whether you have to miss work, find another job because of a permanent injury, find a way to pay medical expenses or deal with any other hardship, you need to stay focused on your recovery. Try to maintain a positive attitude and if the accident occurred due to a trucker’s recklessness, make sure you hold them accountable for their negligent actions.


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