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The impact of false allegations of domestic violence

If you are currently facing allegations of domestic violence, you need to understand the many ways in which the outcome of your case could affect your life. Some people do not realize how devastating domestic violence accusations often are, even if the person accused of abuse is innocent.

When a domestic violence case appears in court, proving one’s innocence is often very difficult, especially when it comes down to one party’s words versus another’s.

Looking at domestic violence accusations

According to the Attorney General of Texas, authorities received reports of more than 194,000 family violence episodes over the course of 2015. Women filed most reports in Texas (72%). Moreover, estimates suggest that one out of every three Texans will become a victim of domestic violence at some point in their life.

Clearly, many people face charges as a result of domestic violence, but some people are wrongly accused of domestic violence. For example, some innocent people face serious charges because an ex wants to get revenge following a breakup, or the other parent of one’s child wants to win a custody battle.

The impact of false domestic violence allegations

Domestic violence charges have the potential to turn various aspects of your life upside down. You could see your career or business, as well as your reputation, shattered. You could struggle with high levels of stress and become depressed. Spending time with your children could become impossible and you could face various court-imposed penalties.

For these reasons, make sure you gather as much evidence as possible and take a careful approach.


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