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How can road rage influence 18-wheeler accidents?

As you share the road with 18-wheeler trucks, you may begin to notice some worrisome signs of erratic driving.

Road rage, an intense feeling that compels people to pursue and endanger other people on the road, is often the source of this problem.

Intimidating tailgating

According to Psychology Today, one way that road rage manifests is by a driver purposefully tailgating, or closely following, your car as you both continue on your journey.

As a person in a car or on a motorcycle, this lack of distance between you and a large truck can feel intimidating. Accidents can happen without warning if an 18-wheeler truck hits the back of your vehicle or rams into the side.

Dangerous speeding

A truck breaking the speed limit in order to try to catch up to you is dangerous for you and for other people on the road. If a driver becomes fixated on intimidating you in some way while angry, then he or she will likely use the size of the 18-wheeler to do so.

Speeding up and ignoring road signs like stop signs or red lights is another choice that can lead to injuries.

Erratic lane changes

While driving a smaller vehicle, you are constantly conscious of where other people are in relation to your place on the road. When an 18-wheeler tries to move into your lane space, you may panic and not know what to do.

Large highways are an especially common area for accidents. Road rage can cause accidents because truck drivers want to weave around or suddenly change lanes in order to follow another vehicle.


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