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What are the most common reasons for truck accidents?

Truck accidents injure hundreds of people in the state of Texas each year. Even if you drive carefully, a momentary lapse in judgment could put you at risk of serious injury or death if you collide with a truck.

Knowing some of the common causes of truck accidents may help you to practice vigilance so you can reduce your risks.

Distraction and recklessness

America has a staggering number of large trucks and SUVs on its roads compared to other countries around the world. According to NBC News, larger vehicles are two to three times more likely to crash into something than smaller passenger vehicles. Often, this is because of blind spots that make it challenging for drivers to see other people or things in their path.

Due to the sheer size of large, commercial vehicles, you could suffer serious or even fatal injuries if you crash into one. Staying safe from such a situation requires you to pay attention and avoid behaviors that could distract you. This may include texting, operating your radio, talking with passengers and even reading road signs. Additionally, follow all traffic rules and always comply with the posted speed limit. Truckers should apply the same tips so they can avoid unnecessarily putting other motorists in harm’s way.

Inclement weather

Inclement weather can also cause truck accidents. High winds, standing water, black ice and reduced visibility can all create road hazards. In these situations, it is best to pull off to the side of the road until the inclement weather passes. If you need to drive in fog, snow or dark conditions, you should make sure to turn your lights on. Because it takes large trucks significantly longer to stop, you should avoid pulling in front of one, especially in poor weather.

If you suffer injuries because of involvement in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may require ongoing medical treatments. You may deal with lifelong health challenges or permanent disability as a result. In situations where the accident was preventable and not your fault, you may seek legal action.


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