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Can you get expelled for a DWI?

As a student, you may have a lot on the line when facing the possibility of a DWI-related conviction. Even if it is your first-time offense or the first time you will have any sort of criminal record, it can potentially impact your schooling and career for years to come.

But what exact penalties may you face for a DWI conviction? Could you get expelled?

When expulsions may occur

The College Investor discusses what you can expect for a DWI. Perhaps surprisingly, it is not common for colleges to expel a student for a DWI-related crime. This often occurs if the crime coincides with other related convictions, such as convictions related to the injury or death of another student or college campus faculty member. You may also face the possibility of expulsion for property damages.

Finance-related repercussions

It is more common for colleges to go after your wallet, however. They do not fine or charge you extra, but they may revoke any financial support that you previously got through the college itself. This can include grants, scholarships, awards, and more.

On top of that, they can bar you from using on-campus housing. If this happens to you, you will have to pay for transportation to school and you may even need to pay for off-campus housing, which can cost a premium in most college towns.

You can also end up barred from practicing in certain industries, such as commercial driving, government work or positions that work with children. Thus, the entire course of your life could end up thrown off from one conviction. This is why you may want to consider speaking to legal help about your situation.


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