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Why has Texas reduced death penalty cases?

Texas used to lead the country in the number of death penalty cases it closed every year, but things have changed in recent years. Texas Monthly explains that Texas has

What should you know about constructive possession?

If you face drug charges of any kind, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the constructive possession doctrine. It could mean the difference between conviction and dismissal of

Can you get expelled for a DWI?

As a student, you may have a lot on the line when facing the possibility of a DWI-related conviction. Even if it is your first-time offense or the first time

How does the stand your ground law work?

Despite laws that allow you to react to a threat with deadly force, you could still face legal hassles if you use these rights. The main issue is each law

Can you get arrested for using prescription drugs?

You know not to use illegal drugs. Additionally, you have a medical condition and you need prescription medicine to treat it. So you probably feel that you will not get

18-Wheeler Accidents

Jim Sharon Bearden, Jr. was in a double 18 wheeler wreck in 2005. He personally has experienced the devastation that a catastrophic wreck can have on one’s family. Interstate 10

What do you know about verbal and emotional abuse?

After getting into a heated argument with your girlfriend, you learned she charged you with domestic violence. Because you never raised a hand against her, you feel confused about where

Penalties for driving over the legal limit

Driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above is illegal. However, if the presence of alcohol in your system adversely affects driving, you can still face arrest even

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