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Facing a domestic violence charge in Texas

Being charged with domestic violence can have severe consequences on multiple aspects of your life, including your employment. In Texas, individuals facing these charges may experience various challenges in their

Truck collisions and mental health

If you suffered an injury in a truck crash, you could have various physical hardships to work through. From broken bones to head trauma, lacerations and pain, the physical impact

How do you avoid a DUI stop?

DUI stops, otherwise known as sobriety stops or DUI checkpoints, provide a roadblock in a very literal sense to drivers on the road. There are plenty of valid reasons to

Which weapons are illegal in Texas?

Texas has a well-earned reputation for supporting Second Amendment rights. Federal and national laws contain essential statutes that preserve a person’s right to bear arms and to act in self-defense.

Why does Texas have so many 18-wheeler accidents?

Texas records more large truck crashes than any other state. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to rise. Various factors contribute to the high risk of 18-wheeler accidents in Texas. Heavy transportation routes

How might open container laws impact you?

Open container laws seek to keep people from drinking and driving. They prohibit the presence of open alcohol containers within the passenger area of a vehicle. The Texas open container law states

Anger management may improve your quality of life

Facing a domestic violence charge can damage your reputation amongst friends, family and community members. As you prepare for your case, you may want to analyze the incident that led

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