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Orange County, Texas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Fighting For Plaintiffs Injured In Orange County, Texas 18-Wheeler Accidents

The Bearden Law Firm specializes in 18-wheeler accidents. There is no fee unless you win compensation.

What separates the firm from other trucking accident attorneys? Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden, Jr., was personally involved in an 18-wheeler wreck and knows what it’s like to be injured in an accident, incur the medical bills, and lose wages because you are unable to work from injuries. Jim Sharon has made it his mission to prosecute 18-wheeler trucking companies that cause accidents. The decades he has spent dedicating his time and experience to prosecute trucking accidents have proven time and again that he is the “go to” lawyer for 18-wheeler accidents in Orange County, Texas.

Choose a lawyer who has made it his mission to go after bad 18-wheeler companies.

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